Sunday, September 16, 2012

'Howth' rhymes with 'both'

Popped over to the town of Howth this Sunday, and the sun actually came out for a bit! Did a lot of walking and it was nice to get out of Dublin. Full picture album here

If anyone ever has some time in Dublin, I definitely recommend getting over to Howth. It was really beautiful and it's really accessible from Dublin city center via the DART. 

In one day I was able to visit the Howth Cottage Market, Howth Castle, the National Transport Museum, St. Mary's Church of Ireland, the farmers' market, West Pier, the cliff path, and quite a few coffee shops along the way. Everything is walkable and easy to find once you're in Howth. It's quite easy to navigate because there are so many vantage points, which are also so beautiful!

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Mark Glenesk said...

Thanks Ali.
You are writing my Bucket List.
Howth pronounced, "Hoeth" is now on the list... DART is too.